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Agroecology: an ethical life

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  • Éditeur : Actes Sud
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A paraitre le: 05/09/18

10,00 €
10,00 €
For nearly fifty years, Pierre Rabhi has devoted all his time to promoting an alternative concept of agriculture in France, as well as in Africa, where he has trained thousands of farmers in the principles of agroecology. To him, agriculture is central to the makeup of our societies. In a fascinating conversation with Jacques Caplat, researcher and agronomist, Pierre Rabhi sets the record straight. We must reinvent our approach to agriculture and modify our entire model of society; agroecology can be the foundation of this new paradigm. This scientific, political and philosophical book offers news insight into the relationship between human beings and nature, while putting forward solutions that can be implemented by everyone.
Titre Agroecology: an ethical life
EAN 9782330084189
ISBN 2330084183
Nom de la série
Auteur Rabhi Pierre, Caplat Guy
Editeur Actes Sud
Présentation Broché
Format Grand format
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Date de parution 5 sept. 2018
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