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The Besançon Observatory

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Responding to demands of the clock and watch makers of Besançon and of the Besançon local authorities, a presidential decree of 11 March 1878 created at Besançon a new ‘astronomical, meteorological and chronometrical observatory’. Chronometry was at the origins of this new establishment and explains its originality. The clock and watch-making capital of France now had a tool to control its products and improve their qualities.One hundred and thirty years later, the departmental centre of the French weather-forecasting services for the Doubs and the Besançon observatory are still pursuing their original aims. The establishment today has a staff of about forty people, involved in astrophysics and time-frequency studies. At the request of local manufacturers, it has recently re-instated the certification of time pieces. This publication offers a history of the observatory and a glimpse of its rich architectural and instrumental heritage.
Titre The Besançon Observatory
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ISBN 2362190523
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Auteur Collectif, Davoigneau Jean, Poupard Laurent, Vernotte François
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Date de parution 1 avr. 2012
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